Database systems design and programming

Custom Business oriented data management software

We consult carefully to understand your business data flow channels and design software to meet your software needs

Optimise data flow | Improve access to information | Automate processes to save time and effort

Some examples of systems we have created:

  • Car rental booking Software
  • Client Relations Management Software
  • Stock Management Software
  • Custom Legal Document auto-filling Software
  • Estate Agent Website Systems
  • Restaurant Booking Software and website menus
  • Database Automatic Contact Template Emailer
  • SA Liquor Law Document and Client Database System

The Benefits of Custom Software Systems

  • Centralise your data
  • Reduce workload through automation
  • Simplify daily tasks
  • Optimise and manage your workflow
  • Effectively manage projects
  • Save you precious time and money
  • Maximise the value of your data
  • Secure your data with automated backups

Harness the Full power of Microsoft Office through Access Databases and VBA

Custom build business data management systems

  • specific to your business data needs
  • multi-user desktop or cloud user interface through MS-Access
  • user friendly interface
  • centralise information effectively
  • custom invoicing systems
  • effectively list customers, suppliers, stock, sales history and more
  • track important dates, deadlines and appointments
  • one-click completion of word documents, contracts, letterheads and emails
  • email list building and bulk email systems
  • statistics and reports on any data in your business
  • automated cloud backups