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The key to a smooth development process and a quality website is in the planning! We consult carefully with you to establish your exact need and goals for the website and then draw up a design plan, Tech Stack and data flow plan.

We build fast, responsive and efficient websites that look good and provide a great User Experience.

Wordpress, Custom Builds, Joomla, Drupal

We plan each project carefully around your unique website needs

Custom Website Design Builds

Some websites fall into a category that don't suite CMS systems. You website needs could be too advanced in terms of functionality, or just too simple. We build websites from the ground up that are completely custom and specifically built and tailored to your needs.

Custom builds are the best for static sites that don't change often, like basic informational business sites, or very complex sites that require advanced functionality, like directories or estate agent sites that CMS systems don't provide. So, instead of bending a CMS to your needs, we build a custom website.

The benefits

  • A completely unique website design
  • Total control of every aspect of the website design
  • Functionality the way you want it, no bending a CMS to your will
  • No bloated code, only what you need, clean and clear
  • Super Fast - All code is minified and cached to deliver top performance
  • Easily integrated with website software systems
  • We only use fully supported and regularly updated libraries
  • Advanced functionality and custom database builds
  • Built to be secure
  • 100% SEO optimised, thoroughly tested code

What you need to know about Wordpress

  • It's Free
  • Installs with a simple app from your Control Panel
  • It's easy to build a site on wordpress
  • There are thousands of themes out there to give you the look you want - Both Free and premium
  • User Friendly - If you can use Word, you can use Wordpress!!
  • There is a plugin for everything - If you need a specific function on your site, there is already a plugin for it
  • You can build a basic website without knowing how to code
  • Wordpress is primarily blogging software
  • There is endless documentation on Wordpress and a host of blogs and websites where you can get help

We offer Wordpress site development services

A. Full Site Development

We install Wordpress, build your site, complete the SEO, Social Media integration and the whole 9 yards. Our aim is to give you a stunning website that does what it's meant to: Be the perfect brand ambassador for your company

B. Partial Site Development

Do you need our help with just one or two aspects of your site, perhaps you're struggling with a bit of styling or a function that you want? We offer assistance at a per task or hourly rate to suit the type of work that you need done!

Website Design Pricing and Features Guideline

The following prices are just a guideline, we quote specially for each project.